Saint-Gobain rides on a ticket to the future


Alstom and SNCF have co-developed the fifth generation of high-speed trains that will come into service in 2023. Saint-Gobain is supplying all the windows for this transport of the future.

The new generation of this high-speed train, named Avelia Horizon, is a real cluster of innovations. Saint-Gobain is helping to meet the technological and industrial challenge of high energy efficiency, 100% connected trains, unequalled comfort and accessibility.The Group provides the windows and windshields for the 100 trains ordered by SNCF.

At the heart of this challenge is the desire to put the journey’s focus on the passenger experience thanks to the latest generation of Saint-Gobain glazing. Larger windows with enhanced thermal insulation properties and ensuring a stable internet connection are all innovations that contribute to improving passenger comfort. 

 Saint-Gobain's solutions also aim to facilitate train maintenance. Using a double-frame system, the windows can be replaced more quickly, reducing the train's downtime during maintenance operations.

Avelia Horizon, developed by Alstom, is a flexible and modular train that meets the new challenges of mobility. Its capacity is increased by 20% with the same level of comfort; it consumes 20% less energy; and its maintenance costs are reduced by 30%.  Saint-Gobain is proud to participate in this project, which improves the passenger experience.

Photo Credit: ALSTOM SA Design&Styling / AVELIA TM.