Guarantee health and safety for all

Our first responsibility: the health and safety of all

Guaranteeing protection for all our partners

Health and safety are at the heart of our corporate culture to protect all our partners: employees, temporary workers, subcontractors, customers, users of our products, people living near our sites and points of sale, beyond applicable local legislation when necessary.

Our objective is clear: zero work-related
illnesses and zero accidents. »

Claire Pedini, Senior Vice President,
Human Resources and
Digital Transformation


Saint-Gobain's Environment, Industrial Hygiene, Health and Safety (EHS) charter is the foundation of our rules and procedures for identifying, reducing and managing risks. The Group's EHS department ensures the monitoring and proper implementation of this policy at each level of management and for all our employees so that everyone is an actor in their own health and safety and in those of their colleagues.

Developing and promoting a health and safety culture at all levels of the organization is a priority. To this end, many digital tools are at the disposal of teams or managers, facilitating access to training and risk management, the closest to the work site and employees.

For the good health of all

We protect the health of our employees through the development of tools that anticipate and prevent the risk of work-related illnesses or disability. We are taking action to improve the ergonomics of workstations. 

With regard to the specific issue of chemical risks, we have been committed for many years to reducing and handling the risks associated with hazardous substances and dust. 

And because health is also a balance between private and professional life, we take action to prevent psychosocial risks and stress.

To achieve the only valid objective: zero accidents

Safety is a matter for all and requires individual responsibility so that everyone can become an actor in their own safety and that of their colleagues. Security visits are organized in all the group's sites according to the SMAT standard (Safety Management Tool). Potential dangerous acts and conditions are the subject of immediate action or of an action integrated into an action plan.

In 2020, 383,031 SMAT visits were carried out in the Group, representing a ratio of 1.96 visit per employee, temporary employee and subcontractor.

While the Saint-Gobain group is seeing a steady decline in the number of work-related accidents, we are continuing to improve, convinced that the objective of zero accidents is within our reach. 

Key Figures:

  • Total recordable accident rate in the Group (TRAR) of 1.8 in 2020 (employees, temporary workers)
  • 243 sites with more than 1 million hours worked without lost-time accidents,
  • Reduction of TRAR by 25% between 2018 and 2020
  • 70% of sites have been accident-free for at least one year

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