Our foundation, our philanthropic actions

Saint-Gobain employees are the first ambassadors of the Group' values and know-how.

A group involved in major societal issues

We enable everyone to be a part of tomorrow's world by supporting the group's commitment through our corporate foundation, our local foundations and corporate philanthropy.

The Saint-Gobain international corporate foundation is built on the efforts of our 167,000 employees in two areas: 

  • professional integration of young adults in difficulty
  • construction, improvement or renovation of accommodation for people in precarious situations by contributing to an energy consumption reduction and environmental protection.

With Saint-Gobain's international dimension, we have created a network that allows us to build partnerships that are the closest to the needs of associations and local populations. 

Over more than the past 10 years, 150 projects have been supported in 33 countries around the world.

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Our group is also involved in local actions and foundations.

In North America, the Saint-Gobain Corporation Foundation organizes employee donations to NGOs, implements actions in favor of local communities for each industrial site located in the United States and Canada and supports NGOs known for their actions in favor of local development, improving energy efficiency and preserving the environment.

In India, the Saint-Gobain India Foundation improves the living conditions of vulnerable people by supporting education-related projects for 9,500 young girls every year.

In France, the PAM Foundation, supported by the Pipe Division and the Placoplatre Foundation, helps young people in social or financial difficulty through training in building trades. 

Through sponsorship, Saint-Gobain is also committed to supporting cultural and scientific projects linked to our identity and history. To learn more about the projects we support, please consult the 2018 registration document.

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