Our responsibility

Our group is committed to contributing to the common good by limiting the negative impacts of our activities and by creating local value shared with each of our partners.

A corporate strategy driven by a sense of responsibility

At Saint-Gobain, we are convinced that companies must place their values at the heart of their business model and use all their weight in favour of responsible and sustainable development.

It is with these convictions in mind that we have embarked on our strategy to limit the negative impacts of our activities, create local value shared with our stakeholders and provide materials and solutions that offer comfort, performance and safety, everywhere in our homes and daily lives.

We are thus committed to creating usefulness at the heart of our business for all our partners and to participating in the sustainable development of construction, mobility, health and industry markets.

Our values, set out in our code of conduct - the Principles of Conduct and Action - are the basis of our corporate approach. They are rooted both in a culture with over 350 years of history and in a demanding international institutional framework.

In 2019, we published our CSR roadmap (Corporate Social Responsibility) in order to rigorously monitor our progress on our priority CSR challenges. This roadmap presents the credible and ambitious objectives that we have set for ourselves by 2025, and is intended to support the management of our strategy.

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2020 Universal Registration Document

CSR Roadmap