Heavy Building Materials

Wherever they operate, Saint-Gobain Building Distribution brands provide a very wide range of products and services to their professional and home improvement customers. Heavy Building Materials are just one example.

Distribution of heavy building material products 

Concrete blocks – Materials yard, POINT.P (Les Mureaux, France) 

Heavy building material products  refers to all structural frame components (for new construction or renovation), e.g., foundations, bearing walls, posts, stairs and even floors. 

The materials used for structural works include cement, concrete, blocks, bricks and steel. 

Binders, mortars, drymix or readymix concrete, aggregate, slabs, floor insulation, blocks, bricks, aircrete and even formwork: Saint-Gobain Building Distribution sells all heavy building material products through its generalist brands with an outlet near you in Europe. In addition to the products they sell, you will also find many associated services, such as a personalized study of your project to ensure it complies with local regulations, fast site delivery, product catalogues as well as advice provided by our specialist teams in the field.

Main brands


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