Interior renovation solutions

Wherever they operate, Saint-Gobain Building Distribution brands provide a very wide range of products and services to their professional and home improvement customers. Interior solution products are just one example.

Distribution of interior solution products         

At Saint-Gobain, the distribution of interior solution products revolves around three broad product categories: plasterboard, insulation products and ceiling products. These are products that will contribute to occupants’ well-being in newly constructed or renovated buildings.

Plasterboard provides numerous benefits and adapts to the requirements of each room when the aim is, for example, to separate into two areas a space that has become too big, safeguard a kitchen against fire, reduce noise, protect against humidity and even to insulate external walls.

The Saint-Gobain Building Distribution brands provide a complete range of thermal and acoustic insulation products. For your walls, floors, internal partitions or attic spaces, it may be necessary to install insulation. In such cases, the right insulation product for the job must be selected. 

Acoustic solutions for ceilings can be based on mineral, metal, wood or even fabric products.

Saint-Gobain Building Distribution sells a complete range of interior finishing products through all its generalist and specialist brands; you will necessarily find one of their outlets close to you. In addition to the products they sell, you will also find many associated services, such as a personalized study of your project to ensure it complies with regulations, fast site delivery, product catalogues as well as advice provided by our specialist teams in the field.

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