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Wherever they operate, Saint-Gobain Building Distribution brands provide a very wide range of products and services for their professional and home improvement customers. Roofing products are just one example.

Distribution of roofing products 

A roof is the surface covering the top of a building or other construction mainly designed to protect the interior from weather and humidity. The main characteristics required of a roof are watertightness and insulation, as well as appearance, light weight, mechanical strength and rainwater runoff.

Various types of materials are used for roofing: tiles, slates, wood or asphalt shingles, steel, zinc, corrugated iron, etc. 

There are a great many roof forms that reflect local architecture and construction techniques. 

Asturienne outlet (La Rochelle, France).

Working closely with each customer’s needs, our brands sell the complete range of roofing and associated products through our generalist and specialist brands with an outlet near you. In addition to the products they sell, you will also find many associated services, such as a personalized study of your project to ensure it complies with local regulations, fast site delivery, product catalogues, customization, as well as advice provided by our specialist teams in the field. Our experts will also advise you about new solutions including insulation, cladding, watertightness, living roofs, etc.

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