Energy Efficiency Solutions

The habitat market is undergoing a revolution and Saint-Gobain aims to be a leading stakeholder.

Saint-Gobain provides solutions that make buildings more efficient in terms of their energy consumption, and which help contribute to saving the planet. Most of its solutions (especially those using glass, mineral wool insulation, plasterboards, and facade and floor covering mortars) are already helping and will help even more in the future to improve the energy efficiency of buildings.

Tomorrow’s habitat will comply with all dimensions of comfort. Everyone wants to enjoy a sense of well-being in their home, to feel safe, protected from the negative aspects of the outside world, comfortable and healthy. Saint-Gobain provides aesthetic solutions (windows, colored mortars, paintable fabrics, etc.), and solutions to improve air quality and manage light and acoustic comfort (ceilings and plasterboards).

Did you know ?

Habitat is the leading consumer of energy in industrialized countries.