High-performance materials for housing and industry

Cutting-edge materials for innovation 

High-Performance Materials provides solutions with high-technology content for a wide range of leading-edge applications for the habitat, transportation, industry and healthcare markets. The expertise developed by these businesses offers Saint-Gobain a portfolio of complementary products and the ability to design solutions tailored to its customers’ specific needs, often in niche industrial segments that are ideal for co-development projects. 


Saint-Gobain is the leading manufacturer of abrasives positioned at the cutting edge of innovation and service, delivering the most comprehensive solutions for every step of the abrasive process: grinding, cutting and polishing.

Innovative solutions for industry and consumer

Norton®, the world’s premium abrasive brand, offers a complete range of high-performance products designed for all abrasive applications in any market: bonded abrasives, for example, for precision grinding turbine blades in the aerospace industry; coated abrasives for automotive refinish and repair and the DIY markets; cutting-off and grinding wheels for industry; and diamond tools for building and construction. 

Synonymous with high quality, innovative Winter® diamond and cBN (cubic boron nitride) precision grinding tools are designed for industrial production in the automotive, turbine, bearing, tools and glass industries.  

A strong presence in heavy industry… 

With their unparalleled technology and expertise, Saint-Gobain Abrasives products are used by heavy industry, such as foundry, rail maintenance and repair, and by the highly technological, engineered markets, including electronics and aeronautics. They are also used on materials ranging from cast iron to stainless steel. 

FlexOvit® and Carborundum® provide a complete collection of performance abrasives for all industrial applications.

… and the habitat market

Norton Clipper® machines and diamond tools deliver extraordinary performance in drilling and cutting all materials on building and construction sites. 

In the habitat sector, plumbers, builders, carpenters, tilers, painters and decorators also benefit from Saint-Gobain Abrasives solutions.

Did you know? 

Saint-Gobain diamond grinding wheels can profile drills that have the same diameter as a human hair.

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Ceramic Materials 

What do a blast furnace, space telescope and security gantry have in common? Saint-Gobain Ceramic Materials. Many industries benefit from the remarkable properties of the Activity’s products: grains and powders, refractories and specialty crystals.

Demanding industrial applications on a myriad of markets

From the refractories manufactured by SEFPRO for the linings in furnaces that make glass for flat screens to NorPro used by the energy industry, Ceramic Materials serves a variety of particularly demanding industrial markets. 

The Group is also one of the world’s leading suppliers of catalyst carriers. 

Through its Crystals & Quartz business, Saint-Gobain also produces sensors for x-ray scanning machines luggage, sapphire window armor protection for the land-based armored vehicle industry and Quartzel® fiber for aircrafts used in aerospace and protection.

For habitat, Ceramic Materials provides ZirPro zirconia powders used to manufacture pigments for coloring ceramic tiles. 

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Performance Plastics

The Performance Plastics Activity gathers solutions combining material science, processing technology and design to save energy, provide protection, improve comfort and sustain the environment for a variety of industries.

Polymer products for all uses 

Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics is one of the world’s leading suppliers of polymer-based components for the healthcare market. As such, it is the benchmark leader with its Tygon®, C-Flex® and Sani-Tech® brands, and provides a wide range of molded, extruded and custom manufactured silicone, fluoropolymer,  thermoplastic or  elastomer products for the life critical markets. 

With a strong position on the transportation market with automotive used in exterior, interior, and powertrain applications such as NorGlide® and Rencol® bearings for seats, doors, steering and transmission systems; NorBond® foams and tapes for mounting of emblems and wheel weights; and Solar Gard window films for solar control. It also manufactures products for the aeronautical industry: radomes, OmniSeal® and OmniLip® engine and hydraulic seals, FluoroWrap® wire wraps, and Covison elastomeric door and window seals for. 

Lastly, thanks to its ultra-light, fire-proof SHEERFILL® architectural membrane, Saint-Gobain roofs the world’s largest stadiums. 

And in space as well 

Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics has even taken off to conquer space, thanks to the NASA’s Curiosity Rover, equipped with several of the Activity’s products, including OmniSeal® polymer seals.

Did you know? 

In the past 10 years, more than one billion vaccinations were made available thanks to Saint-Gobain’s pharmaceutical pure single-use disposable systems  using Sani-Tech® and C-Flex® technology.

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Designed for the construction and industry markets, Saint-Gobain ADFORS high-performance glass fiber fabrics reinforce, cover and protect.

Textile solutions for our houses… 

The range of Saint-Gobain Adfors technical fabrics includes Vertex® glass mesh for external thermal insulation composite systems, wall coverings, FibaTape® drywall joint tapes, glass mat for thermal insulation and insect screening. In addition to its aesthetic qualities, Novelio® paintable wall coverings can include properties that help protect our health: Novelio® Clean-Air absorbs and neutralizes volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and Novelio® Mold-X contains an anti-bacterial agent that improves health safety. This wall covering is particularly suitable for patient rooms, rest rooms and unventilated areas in health buildings. 

…and infrastructure 

Saint-Gobain ADFORS’ GlasGrid® reinforcement grid is used to protect paved roads, airport runways and port surfaces against cracks. 

Did you know? 

Each year, Saint-Gobain ADFORS produces 1.2 billion square meters of woven and non-woven glass fiber reinforcement textiles for the building industry.

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