Civil engineering and infrastructure

Saint-Gobain solutions cover numerous applications for large-scale civil engineering and infrastructure projects because of their high value added and high level of technical content.

Growth outlook 

Saint-Gobain ADFORS’ GlasGrid® reinforcement grid is used to protect paved roads, airport runways and port surfaces against fissuring.

The civil engineering and infrastructure markets offer very significant growth prospects, given the rapid development of urbanization and the difficulties surrounding drinking water access experienced by a large part of the world’s population, especially in emerging countries.

The Group provides a wide range of specific products and solutions for these markets: glazed facades, fire-retardant glass and active glazing for major architectural projects; reinforcement grid for transportation infrastructure; and ceramic tile adhesives and grout; and floor mortars and facade products to decorate, protect and insulate industrial and public building facades.

Lastly, it designs and markets complete solutions for the water cycle: ductile iron pipe systems, industrial valves and fire hydrants, municipal castings, and wastewater and stormwater collection and evacuation systems. 

A culture of eco-innovation

Saint-Gobain uses life-cycle analysis (LCA) to assess its environmental footprint. As well, the Group takes steps to create value while reducing environmental impacts. This is the dual aim of Saint-Gobain’s eco-innovation policy. 

This policy must provide its customers with real added value in the form of products and solutions that reduce the environmental impact of infrastructure throughout its life cycle. A product or a solution is eco-innovative if it helps reduce infrastructure’s consumption of resources (especially energy and water) and/or if it has a lesser environmental impact throughout its entire life cycle.

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A stakeholder in major projects 

France : relocated agencies for more proximity.

By contributing its products and solutions with their many advantages to large-scale projects, Saint-Gobain is able to participate in some of the world’s foremost construction projects. The Group provides invaluable logistics and other local services to construction companies, in particular by establishing outlets close to construction sites. The Group’s experts also provide advice and support to builders in the form of solutions that combine several products and comply with specific project requirements in each country. These major worksites and reference projects inspire the Group’s employees and give them a strong sense of pride.

Point.P and PUM Plastiques have installed local outlets near engineering offices for nuclear energy and alternative energy projects in Cadarache (France). This presence close to the worksite will last for more than 20 years, enabling these brands to be more responsive to the construction companies’ demands.

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Did you know ?

In Germany, Raab Karcher supplied products for the construction of Frankfurt Airport’s new runway. It is 2,800 meters long and 45 meters wide, and spans an eight-lane highway and rail line.