Timber and panels market

Wherever they operate, Saint-Gobain Building Distribution brands provide a very wide range of products and services to their professional and home improvement customers. Timber and panels are just one example.

Timber and panels distribution

For new construction and renovation, the timber and panels products are used for construction and decorative applications. 

Construction timber is used for many purposes: rooftrusses, wood-frame houses structure or even joinery manufacturing.

Decorative timber refers to paneling, exterior cladding and even decking.

There are two types of panels:

  • Structural panels used for floors and walls such as plywood, particle board, etc.,
  • Decorative panels refer to laminates, worktops and melamine face boards. It is easy to understand that with their wide range of uses, timber and panels are found pretty much everywhere in your home.

Dispano, timber, panels and joinery specialist (France).

Saint-Gobain Building Distribution has a unique timber and panels distribution network in Europe. The network includes generalist brands that distribute timber and panels, as well as specialist timber and panels distribution brands, especially in France, and the United Kingdom. 

These brands provide a very broad range of timber and panels. In addition to the products they sell, you will also find many customers services, such as a personalized study of your project to ensure it complies with local regulations, wood cutting and transformation services in our workshops, fast site delivery, product catalogues as well as advice provided by our specialist teams in the field. In our showrooms, you will also find product displays to help you imagine what your finished new-construction or renovation project will look like. 

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