Household appliances

Saint-Gobain designs and provides high performance materials and components for appliances. With a long track record of co-development with customers, Saint-Gobain offers tailor made solutions for appliances original equipment manufacturers.

Meeting the needs of appliances manufacturers worldwide 

Low energy 

For Saint-Gobain, low energy means protecting the environment by reducing energy losses and CO2 emissions. It also implies lower energy consumption for our customers. For those reasons, Saint-Gobain is developing solutions to help customers to reach the best energy ratings regardless of the appliance category. 

Safety and Health 

Saint-Gobain products are designed and manufactured in compliance with the highest quality standards to ensure safety and health protection for the final users of appliances.

Comfort of use and design 

Developing easy-to-use solutions without impacting on design is an important consideration for Saint-Gobain. We believe products should be adapted to customers’ needs to give them the maximum level of comfort.

Low noise 

To meet the growing requirement of silent appliances, Saint-Gobain helps users to maintain a pleasant indoor acoustic ambiance through sound absorption materials that protect against potentially dangerous and undesired noise.

Our solutions for appliances 

Euroveder and Pietta Glass working 

Euroveder and Pietta Glass Working are the specialists in glass products for household and commercial appliances.

They belong to the glass activity of Saint-Gobain, the world leader in flat glass for building, transport and industrial applications.

  • Oven and cooker door glass panels with thermal insulation, thermo-mechanical and decoration functions
  • Oven control glass panels with touch screen functions
  • Cooktops in glass : various shapes and colors
  • Glass hobs
  • Glass covers lids for washing machines and dryers
  • Refrigerator glass shelves and Insulating glass for doors


Eurokera* is the world leader in advanced cooking surfaces.

Glass-Ceramic cooktops for induction, radiant and gas cooking; offering a wider range of decorative options.

*Eurokera is a joint-venture of Saint-Gobain and Corning Inc.


World leader on the insulation market, Isover develops thermal insulation, acoustic and fire protection solutions for sustainable comfort and optimal energy efficiency.

Tailor-made glass wool insulation parts dedicated to reduce the energy consumption of cooking ovens and stoves.

Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics 

Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics is a recognized leader in advanced polymer technology.

  • High-temperature silicone gaskets and stops for ovens 

Double-sided tapes bonding external aluminum and glass cladding

Electrical insulation tapes securing wire harnesses of cooktops and microwave ovens

  • Bearings and bushings made of self-lubricating materials (ptfe) for dryers and dishwashers

Air/dust/water gaskets (silicone extrusion or polyurethane foam) for dryers and dishwashers

    Precision injection molded parts (overmolded) for washing machines and dishwashers

    • Aluminum foil tapes ensuring a tight bond between cooling tubes and refrigeration cabinet

    Removable and non-staining strapping securing plastic parts and glass shelves during transport

      Double-sided tapes bonding external parts (emblems)