Plasterboard systems

The Gypsum Activity is the world’s leading manufacturer of plasterboard used for partitions, wall linings, ceilings and floors and marketed under its various brands: Placo®, Gyproc, Rigips, British Gypsum, CertainTeed.

Solutions for every building

An essential material for the internal finishing of buildings, plasterboard is used for partitions, wall linings, ceilings and floors. Via its various commercial brands, Saint-Gobain provides a wide range of efficient solutions that adapt to all types of building projects: new and renovation, residential, and tertiary or industrial buildings.

Innovation at the heart of this product 

Systems adapted to professionals’ needs 

The Gypsum Activity constantly innovates to integrate its plasterboards into specific systems (acoustic partitions for movie theaters, duct sheathing for very tall buildings, etc.), by combining its products with mineral wool or expanded polystyrene panels to meet professionals’ new expectations and incorporate the latest developments in the habitat segment.

A plasterboard for each environment 

The various lines of plasterboard products developed by Saint-Gobain take into account different building requirements: energy performance, thermal regulations, fire protection, protection of interior air quality, etc. 

There is an appropriate solution for each living space: enhanced acoustic insulation partitions for the residential and hospital segments, moisture-resistant plasterboard for bathrooms, impact-resistant plasterboard for schools, etc.

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