New residential market

Accounting for almost 70% of the Group’s sales, Habitat is Saint-Gobain’s main market. With a unique and diversified portfolio of materials and services that improve the energy efficiency and thermal, acoustic, visual and health comfort of buildings, Saint-Gobain provides solutions for the external envelope (roofs, facade coatings, external insulation systems, insulating glazing, etc.) and the internal lining (insulation, plasterboard, ceilings, etc.). They are used in all types of new residential projects (single and multi-unit dwellings).

Building healthy single and multi-unit dwellings

Saint-Gobain, a stakeholder in the residential construction market, provides its customers with its unique industrial expertise by developing, manufacturing and selling a broad range of building materials designed to improve everyone’s acoustic, thermal, health, etc. comfort in single and multi-unit dwellings. The Group provides solutions to professionals that combine energy efficiency, and functional and aesthetic qualities as illustrated by the Multi-Comfort program.

With its network of distribution brands, Saint-Gobain meets professional and homeowners’ needs by providing a wide range of products, its teams’ expertise and strong customer support. 

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Strategy and positioning

Residential buildings featuring Saint-Gobain Vertex solutions in Litomyšl, Czech Republic.

The Group’s sustainable habitat strategy is implemented for all market segments:

  • Mature economies where the looming shortage of fossil fuels and the pressing need to reduce CO2 emissions have prompted countries to tighten thermal performance and energy efficiency requirements; as a result regulations are moving in the direction of greater energy efficiency,
  • Fast-growth-rate economies’ markets driven by rapidly accelerating urban development and massive growth in the demand for housing.

All these developments represent real opportunities for Saint-Gobain. The Group provides easy-to-use solutions aligned with local needs and practices across every segment of the construction industry. Saint-Gobain Building Distribution provides appropriate solutions and advice for building professionals who wish to be part of the sustainable construction approach.

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Labels to support responsible construction

Saint-Gobain supports voluntary certification for buildings based on labels such as HQE™, LEED® or BREEAM. The goal is to promote housing that is more environmentally friendly, comfortable and cost-effective as well as healthier, in particular due to improved energy performance. These best practices allow the Group to innovate and provide value added solutions to the market leaders. 

Certifications guide property developers and builders in designing and marketing their projects. Saint-Gobain is responding to a growing demand for guaranteed building performance around the world. Supporting certification is a key factor in promoting Saint-Gobain’s products and solutions.  

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BREEAM Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment, a UK label and the world’s longest-established (1990) and most widely-used design and assessment method for sustainable buildings.
LEED® LEED®: Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, a label introduced in 2000 by the US Green Building Council.
HQE™ Haute Qualité Environnementale (High Environmental Quality), a label created in France in 2005 and applied internationally since 2013.
DGNB Deutsche Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Bauen (German Sustainable Building Council), a certification system developed in Germany in 2008.
CASBEE Comprehensive Assessment System for Built Environment Efficiency, a Japanese label launched in 2001.

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